As the United Nations Convention on Mercury Minamata enters into force, UV LED light has to replace mercury lamps open up unlimited opportunities, JLS joins forces with chemical materials industry partners in research and development, to penetrate overseas industrial UV LED cleaning and modifying markets.

In accordance with the Minamata Convention, States parties are required to prohibit the production, import, or export of mercury-containing products from 2021, along with environmentally friendly and energy-saving trends.

Consequently, ultraviolet mercury lamps, which are used in various industrial processes for a very long time, are now being replaced by UV LED light sources, there is still a lot of work to be done for mass adoption. In UV LED technology has been developed for many years no matter upstream and downstream, LED chip can replace the ultraviolet mercury lamp in the mobile kilowatt but still possible to achieve a large number of opportunities for adoption in terms of the radiation flux and production cost. The JLS R&D team completed the development of kW-level UV LED modules many years ago, by using Nichia UV LEDs that can be set for different UV spectral outputs and replace higher power ultraviolet mercury lamp products.

JLS has been collaborating with chemical material suppliers on developing UV LEDs that replace thousands of watts of ultraviolet mercury lamp products.

Developing an industrial alliance for research and development, and constantly optimizing the spectral combination of UV light sources and material reaction mechanisms of second-generation UV LEDs. JLS will continue to create UV LED lighting system business opportunities at the material factory and provide faster, cleaner, also more environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.

JLS has a kilowatt-level lab that can produce light distribution curves for energy simulation regardless of the industrial process. With JLS' IC hardware and software technology, bound to the UV LED light source module, users will be able to recognize UV LED radiation flux changes, thus ensuring the production process will have the best output efficiency, which is another added value that JLS products can provide to partners.
Reports from Tainan by Qi Ming Huang

Source: Economy Daily News

UV LED product
Demonstrates a KW class UV LED light source module by Dr. Kai Peng Lin, the Product Manager of JLS